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October 26, 2019

Sinclair Volleyball closes regular season with 3-0 home win


Dayton, OH – Closing out the regular season, Sinclair defeated visiting Lakeland 3-0 on sophomore day.


The Lakers brought their A game and intended to upset the 7 sophomores playing their final game in Building 8 Arena.  Lakeland jumped out early on the Pride to start all three sets but was unable to hold on.


Lakeland (5-19/3-13)             24     22     22

Sinclair (24-6/13-3)                26     25     25


The seven playing their final game in Building 8 Arena; Josie O’Brien, Jaimee Erbaugh, Lydia Metallinos, Erica Boone, Veronica Thornton, Hallie Holbrook and Nicole Sicking.


Nicole Sicking (5-11/SO – Fairfield H.S.) finished with 18 kills and 14 digs, Jaimee Erbaugh (5-05/SO – Valley View H.S.) recorded 18 assists and Erica Boone (6-01/SO – Stebbins H.S.) had 5 blocks.  Hallie Holbrook (5-10/SO – Shenandoah H.S. IN) had 14 kills and 10 digs during the match, moving her into the top 10 in digs at Sinclair with 802.