Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be a team for the upcoming year?

  • Yes, we will have a team ready for fall practice and scrimmages as well as a spring competitive season

What should I do if I am interested in Sinclair softball?

  • The first thing to do is let us know you are interested. Fill out and return the softball prospect form which can be obtained by calling 937-512-2860.
  • You should also tell your coaches. They can be a big help in giving our staff insights on your abilities.
  • Include a high school schedule or summer league schedule.

Can you tell me more about the program?

  • We are going to run a top notch program. It will be funded comparably to our other sports at Sinclair and will receive the same attention.
  • We emphasize the three C’s in our athletics programs: competition, classroom performance, and community service.

Are scholarships available for softball?

  • Yes, the budget allows for substantial scholarships, plus Sinclair has the lowest tuition in the state for our local student athletes.
  • Sinclair is a Division II school of the National Junior College Athletic Association. We are allowed to offer a maximum of tuition, books and course related fees. The coach may offer tuition scholarships. We cannot offer room and board athletic scholarships.
  • Students may also qualify for PELL grants which can be applied to living expenses.

How much time is put into the sport?

  • At peak season, possibly a maximum of 20 hours per week. In off season times, much less. There will be a shorter fall practice season which may only involve 10 hours or so a week while the weather holds. Winter will be limited as well to conditioning until we are allowed to start practice .

Is my major available and how do I find out about academic programs?

  • Sinclair offers over 200 degree and certificate programs.
  • Go to and click on Academic Programs on the top menu to see what is available. The course descriptions are also online.

Is there an advisor or counselor I can go to for help in choosing my classes?

  • Every student is assigned an Academic Advisor when they go through registration and orientation for the first time. This advisor will help you make course decisions and keep you on the path to graduation.
  • In addition, the Athletic Department has an academic advisor who is knowledgeable of NJCAA and NCAA regulations to assist you.

Is there any tutoring help if I am struggling in class?

  • Yes. If you are having difficulty in a class, you may request a free tutor.
  • You will learn more about this in your orientation session.

How is campus life? What’s the environment like?

  • Sinclair is a commuter college without dormitories. The main campus is conveniently located right off I-75.
  • In between classes you have the option to hang out with friends, watch some TV in the Sports Café, study in the library, get a bite to eat or a coffee at Starbucks, and even find a place to take a quick nap. Student Activities holds many entertaining events in the Sports Café and stage area of the Physical Activities Center.

If I’m from out of town, where will I be housed?

  • There are apartment complexes all over the Dayton area, depending on how far you are willing to drive each day to get to campus.
  • As a Division II college, neither the coaches nor the Athletic Department can assist you with finding housing. The Student Activities office keeps a bulletin board available with local apartment listings. You can also ask other athletes for recommendations.
  • The city bus system operates throughout Montgomery County and has a bus stop right on campus.

What is there to do in the Dayton area?

  • Dayton has the Dragons Minor League Baseball team, NCAA Division I sports at the University of Dayton and Wright State University, three major shopping centers within 15 minutes of campus, live theater and arts in downtown, and abundant live music venues in the area.

Are there any campus jobs available?

  • Yes, many students have part time jobs on campus at different locations. You can apply for a job Career Services or in the Physical Activities Center.