Sinclair Academic All-Americans

Congratulations to the following students and teams for achieving academic excellence and being recognized as a NJCAA Academic All-American. These athletes of distinction not only worked hard to compete in their sport, but worked hard in the classroom.

Academic Student-Athlete Awards

The NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards were previously known as NJCAA Academic All-American honors. The NJCAA has renamed its academic awards program to the following:

Academic Team Awards

Teams that have the highest overall GPA for their sport are designated as the NJCAA (Sport) Academic Team of the Year. Teams that qualify with an overall team GPA above 3.0 are designated as a NJCAA (Sport) All-Academic Team.

Season Student Sport GPA / Award
2015-16 Connor Cleary Baseball Second Team
2015-16 Sarah Eifert Volleyball First Team
2015-16 Maya Murray Women's Basketball Second Team
2015-16 Erica Oldiges Volleyball First Team
2015-16 Alexandra Petri Volleyball Third Team
2015-16 Lauren Roetgerman Volleyball Third Team
2015-16 Madison Schroeder Women's Basketball Third Team
2014-15 Mitchell Asman Baseball Third Team
2014-15 Carly Butler Volleyball Second Team
2014-15 Tiffany Jordan Volleyball Second Team
2014-15 Rebecca Moyer Volleyball Third Team
2014-15 Kelly Wood Softball Third Team
2013-14 Mark Carpenter Baseball Third Team
2013-14 Jessica Thobe Volleyball Second Team
2012-13 Jessica Thobe Volleyball Third Team
2012-13 Taylor Vanwinkle Softball Third Team
2011-12 Kathleen Beyoglides Volleyball Third Team
2011-12 Colby Clark Baseball Third Team
2011-12 Katherine Vonlehmden Women's Basketball Third Team
2010-11 Rachel Brun Women's Basketball
Second Team
2010-11 Elizabeth Gilbert Volleyball Third Team
2008-09 Daniel Marsh Baseball Second Team
2008-09 Jessica McCann Volleyball Second Team
2008-09 Stephanie Swigart Women's Tennis First Team
2007-08 Daniel Marsh Baseball Third Team
2007-08 Matt Willet Baseball Third Team
2006-07 Matt Redman Men's Tennis Third Team
2005-06 Ashley Cool Volleyball Second Team
2005-06 Frances Ferri Volleyball First Team
2004-05 Rita Quakenbush Golf Second Team
2004-05 Maria Brubaker Volleyball Third Team
2003-04 Jason Knighton Baseball Third Team
2003-04 Landry Nzudie Men's Tennis Third Team
2002-03 Dan Kallenberg Men's Tennis Second Team
2001-02 Nick Ferralli Baseball Second Team
2000-01 Sylvia Wenzel Women's Tennis Second Team
1999-2000 Melissa Weitzel Volleyball
Women's Basketball
Second Team
1997-98 Janice Williams Women's Tennis Third Team
1997-98 Anthony Schiml Baseball Third Team
1997-98 Bastiaan Van Willigen Men's Basketball Second Team
1997-98 Donna Silvert Women's Tennis Second Team
1997-98 Dave Murray Baseball Second Team
1997-98 Erica Busch Volleyball Second Team
1996-97 Renee Williams Volleyball Second Team
1996-97 Donna Silvert Women's Tennis Second Team
1996-97 Bastiaan Van Willigen Men's Basketball Second Team
1996-97 Anthony Schiml Baseball Third Team
1995-96 Chris Jones Baseball Third Team
1995-96 Cheryl Bettinger Volleyball Second Team

Season Sport Overall GPA / Award
2015 - 2016 Baseball 3.06 All-Academic Team
2015 - 2016 Volleyball 3.21 All-Academic Team
2014 - 2015 Volleyball 3.09 All-Academic Team
2013 - 2014 Volleyball 3.26 All-Academic Team
2012 - 2013 Volleyball 3.21 All-Academic Team
2011 - 2012 Baseball 3.05 All-Academic Team
2011 - 2012 Women's Basketball 3.15 All-Academic Team
2011 - 2012 Volleyball 3.12 All-Academic Team